You are all the things I wish you weren’t but need you to be.

Social media and the art of paying attention.

“It’s very fun to shatter expectations of women on screen and in stories. It’s very important too.”

two young people facing each other in silouette at night, street lights can be seen behing them
Josefine Glæsel and Lilit Lesser in ungraded still from To Nowhere: DoP Mads Junker

“Feminism drives my filmmaking because up until recently, we’ve only seen a specific type of womxn and I want to normalize the stuff that you don’t often see, like gals pooping.”

“Sofa Queens”

“It was important for me to make this because it was an opportunity for me to trust and believe in myself, professionally and personally.”


“It is not the method or the medium, but rather the process that allows me to transcend beyond this pain that is caused by discrimination, social injustice and so on.”


“I wanted to create a character trapped by her own demons but who was able to confront them. A sort of superhero who could both inspires us with her firmness and courage, aggravate us with her bad temper but who could also touch us with her fragility and vulnerability.”

Love Me Tender

“We are taught that heroes wear capes or uniforms but the heroes that I’m interested are found in the most unlikely places.”


“Feminism is important to my filmmaking because our stories matter and stories about our lives and our health and our bodies and our relationships matter.”

How To Buy A Baby

Siân Melton

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